About Vinport

P&D with artists and labels

We are constantly looking for the best labels and artists to offer them an exclusive distribution. Once we've reached the common points and understanding of our future development, we sign up an exclusive contract for pressing and distribution. We do moderate every single release, and every single track, as what we sell here is very important for our reputation. Therefore, every artist and label is ready to get some refusal on some releases or tracks. This all done to keep the quality. So we've got the whole team working and keep the quality up.

Vinyl Pressing

Then we press our Vinyl records which are carefully designed, selected, mastered using the top analogue equipment, recorded from tape, and worked out to make the very best sound - so we pay attention to every little detail before the press itself. We're not interested in making a big number of releases. We're striving for the quality as we're making our Vinyl Catalogue exclusive and sound fantastic. Every release is done in high quality pressing, where we use the best materials, 180g only, limited by 300 copies with no further repress and the best possible underground black package.

Online and Physical distribution

We do sell our records online making them available on Vinport only. That means, we've got a very right branding of our exclusive music, but we're still interested in having affiliates everywhere in the world especially physical stores.

Our head office is based in Moscow. We've got all the tools necessary to be in immediate touch with our customers and product consumers. Please use this email for the general info and support: info@vinport.org