About Vinport

Vinport Ltd. - is the underground record store with its vinyl pressing and distribution services.

We work with the finest record labels all around the world, we select their music, we do mastering, and then we press and sell online. We do work with some physical record stores as well. We don't sell everything. We sell our products only, that are made as the result of a hard work, a line of actions, that have been taken from the beginning till the final press. Our products is a collaboration between labels and artists, mastering engineers and artwork designers, technical vinyl specialists, music taste-makers and owners of the stores, as well as our buyers, DJs, producers and sound promoters, that bring their feedbacks and their opinions.

Our head office is based in Moscow. We've got a customer support ready to help you out. In case of any questions, please drop a line at: info@vinport.org