We ship worldwide from Moscow using EMS Russian Post services. The reason of using it is that it's extremely fast and safe. We simply see no other reasons to avoid using it or use any other post services exist. Normally, it takes between 3-5 days to get your parcel home from here. This covers almost every European country. Yes, it slightly more expensive that a regular long posting that takes sometimes up to 2 weeks or so, but this is worth doing. We're highly concerned about the safety of shipping and we need every parcel to be delivered on time and fast, therefore we are to use the EMS. Please note that shipping rates are calculated automatically when checkout, so you don't have to think of prices, we have prepared everything for you. However, please find below the table with prices covering the most European countries where every kilogram's range is showed and captured. EMS Russian Post is the only option that we see working with Vinport nowadays. We've compared it to other similar post services and found them more expensive that is not what we're looking for. In the future, when having more outgoing parcels, the EMS Russian Post will be ready to provide us with a corporate prices and get us slightly cheaper options that we will be more than happy to update at your checkout. We're about quality and passion, aren't we?

Shipping from 0 to 1 kg worldwide - €16.49

Shipping from 1 to 2 kg worldwide - €26.27

Shipping from 2 to 5 kg worldwide - €34.41

Shipping from 5 to 10 kg worldwide - €47.18

If your order weighs more than 10kg we're going to provide you with a FREE shipping. This sort of buying is added to our system and will be given you automatically, so you don't have to contact us for this matter. We will be extremely happy to cover shipping for you and send you all at once within EMS to make sure you get your parcel within 3-5 days. This must be interesting for those who's normally buying a lot of records to retail them and stuff like that. Enjoy Vinport and stay tuned!